29 December 2010

Should you Self-Publish your Novel?

Over at A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, Joe Konrath talks about the sea-change in publishing the Kindle has enabled:
Well, the data is in. And I'm reversing one of my long-held beliefs about writing... Yep, I was pretty confident that traditional publishing was the only game in town.

Then, in 2009, I became aware of the Kindle...

So now it's December 2010, and I'm selling 1000 ebooks a day, and I'm ready to change my mind on the matter...
He breaks down all the numbers, well worth a read.

So, clearly aware that this change is sweeping the publishing industry, authors will increasingly have to make a judgment call between running the gauntlet with a traditional publisher or roll with an ebook.

Personally, I plan to pursue a traditional publisher initially. If, for whatever reason, no one picks it up, then I would have no qualms about going the ebook route. Far better than trunking a finished novel.

It's a hedging strategy, designed to take advantage of existing business structures and the resources and promotion-power they can put into a (successful) author's name.

But it's clear that the future may continue moving in this direction, to the point that publishing an ebook may become an author's first choice.

Never been a better time to write.