03 May 2011

First Story Now Available

I've just released my first story as an ebook for Amazon Kindle, titled "Jashur and the Splendor Duel," a tale about a man who must defeat his mentor in a high-stakes game of wits.

This is a story I had been thinking and writing about for roughly a year before its completion. I originally intended it to be my first professionally published piece in a magazine or anthology, but ultimately opted for an ebook release because of ongoing shifts in the publishing industry which now seem to favor digital distribution over dead-tree distribution, both from a reader's and writer's perspective.

This is the first of many, as I am always working on several novels and many short-story ideas at once. And though I intended this to be a stand-alone piece, it is the result of my effort to develop premises which can be continued easily. Thus, I'm planning a sequel to this story and may develop it into a short story collection.